Enter the Bash commands

In order to be a CMS, I need a way to programatically generate the files that are needed to make a new post happen. I also want to swap around variables to utilize the unique identifier, which in this case is the post name itself.

I call it postcreator.sh because that is what it does. It uses cp, sed, and ex to get this done. No external libraries, just what is in bash. Not tested on Linux, just a MacBook air as of the time of this writing. And when did I write this? Do you care? You COULD look at the git log to see when this file was made or modified. I am likely capable of someone leveraging HTML or something to grab the date when I post, but that is not in this version as of now.

But what about search and replace for things like the links in the header and such? Well, since we are working locally as the IDE I can just use good old sed to replace an strings I want in the whole dang set of documents. I don't want to reinvent any wheels, especially when the directions are as simple as this

Anyhow, get the postcreator tool as part of your clone of the whole repo over from github.

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